This issue delves into the concept of the artist’s studio throughout history. From its origins as a legendary and fabled place in the early Renaissance to its transformation into a dynamic and adaptable space in the digital age, the artist’s studio has undergone significant changes over time. 
This issue examines how artists’ practices have shifted alongside with technological advancement and artistic trends. The magazine examines the concept of “studio practice” and describes how artists organize their creative processes from inspiration to presentation. This issue invites readers to explore the multifaceted nature of creative work and the diverse approaches creative practitioners pursue in shaping their artistic practice.
Some Magazine #18—Studio Practice
A Magazine for Visual Inventors
Publisher: Slanted Publishers
Editors, Design & Concept: University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Prof. Sven Völker & Students
Design & Concept: Iuliia Krasnoperova, Laura Höpke, Eva Wilimzig, Jade Eder, Annalena Nerea Abramczik
Release: May 2024
Format: 17 × 24 cm
Volume: 80 pages
Language: English 
Printing: full-color offset printing, Printmedia Solutions, Germany
Workmanship: softcover with perfect binding and hot-foil embossing
ISBN: 978-3-948440-72-5
Price: €12.– (DE)
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